New news and new friends!

New friends and new News! First off I met a super cool chick who has a really awesome blog on Health and being Vegetarian! It’s no secret that I’m more Pale centric and ketogenic, but I’m also all about people getting happier, healthier, and fit. I don’t care which tribe you subscribe to, as long as you’re feeling better and the food you eat is more important than you could ever realize! And like so many including Finch will tell you, you can’t out work a poor diet!

The girls name is Brittany; she actually lives down in Houston. Her blog is pretty awesome! A lot of good information and recipes, but the most awesome thing is she is about balance and being happy, healthy and enjoying life, not being a slave to a diet. I talked to her for about 20 minutes and instantly liked her! Plus her friends, they’re all here in Austin for a bachelorette party, were also very cool! None of them from here in Austin, they just dig the town and came out! Kismet I tell you! I find more and more that being open to possibilities is bringing more amazing, cool people in to my life. Check out her blog! The web add. Is and well worth a look! That’s her below and a bio I cut and pasted. Check her out!


After receiving a Masters in Social Work and becoming certified as a Holistic Health Coach I wanted to take my passion for nutrition and healthy eating to the next level. When the boyfriend got transferred to London for work it became the perfect opportunity to go back to school for Nutrition. Join me as I eat and cook my way through this year in Europe, with not enough kitchen space, makeshift tools and a healthful approach.


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