You have arrived most auspiciously at the home of the Yard. What is the Yard, you assuredly ask yourself? The Yard is nothing more than a parking lot in back of an EMS station in Austin Texas. Rather innocuous initially but on the mornings when likeminded souls gather at predetermined times this parking lot transforms itself in to something more than words have the ability to describe. Like describing a kaleidoscope to a blind person, the Yard transforms people.
It’s really no different than other hole in the wall places to work out at. Those types of places like the Yard represent something usually unavailable in large gyms and homogenized work out facilities. The Yard is where motivation, determination, ingenuity, and the self all collide to produce more than fitness, more than healthy, happy individuals. The Yard is the catalyst for the sweetest of human endeavors, the blending of mind, body and soul. Pushing ones physical limits often transforms ones mental limitations as well. The shared experience of this physical endeavor with people who understand those moments of physical discomfort forge stronger bonds, build stronger bodies, and produce a sense of self-reliance few other things in this life can bestow!
If all this seems a bit lofty you are correct. What are dreams, and goals, and new heights, if not lofty by their very nature? The Yard, as with most things in life, only returns that which you put in to it. It’s as much or as little as you care to indulge. But, like all indulgences, it becomes harder to indulge less than more and soon, with work, you see those small transformations in yourself, that no matter how small, still catch your eye and produce that little euphoria of feeling positive about yourself. Positive, not indifferent, not negative, but a sense of self that only comes with from putting in the work that produces greatness, in all its forms.
So, come out, work out, push your own personal envelope and do it with people who support your crazy lofty goals. Feel better, look better, and take that feeling in to the world. It spreads like wild fire. Next thing you know the world is a sweeter place to live, all because you took the time to do something good for yourself. Thanks for indulging and I hope to see you there. Walt