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SAY WHAT!? New comers to the Yard!

AAAaawwwYYYeeeaaah! You know what time it is! Time to tell you hoss and hosses whats new at the Yard! First and fore most, this past toosdie, two new comers to the Yard warrior nation! Galen OG Wasem, aka Galomby Wausomby, aka the Illinois Kid made his debut at the coolest work out area since parking lots became work out areas! Also as an added bonus, Mark you seen my blog yet Peek, aka Peek a boo Peek, aka the K town Killer, showed up and threw down! All your other favorites were there. Bob Lights out Luddy, aka The Teflon Don, Char CharCharBinks Smith, aka the Ovarian Barbarian, aka the Troy Trojan, Ohio born and bred, Starbucks fueled, and ready to scrap. Shoeless Sean Norton, aka the Nightstar was on hand! Vernon Good luck finding a nickname for me Teltschick, last name lookin like a Russian bill board, was also there! Ryan have you tried my whiskey Jameson came out and put his name on it! Great work out and better vibes! but you know what it’s all about!

So as you can see, all the Yard news thats fit to print is now on this web site. no more email blasts from me! Surprising how many people were not fond of my special kind of humor. Well that and apparently when an email goes past one sentence folks attention span seems to dissipate rapidly! But you know bad vibes cant stop this boogie, nor can poor grammer and run on sentences as is evidenced by pretty much anything I write!

Also, if you haven’t heard and lets be honest that’s entirely likely, there is all new amazingly awesome equipment at the Yard. A big Yard shout out to Teresa Sweet T Gardner for funding the Yard project. More equipment is coming, TRX straps, Box jumps, pull up bars, and more kettle bells, of the Good God How Much Does That Weigh variety! Once again I gotta say Thanks to Onnit Labs. Lindy L squared Lillard and everyone there has been nothing short of awesome! We picked up all the new Kettle bells, Wall balls, Steel bells, Battle rope, and club bells there last week! Check their web site for video tutorials on some of the more arcane equipment we have now, especially the steel bells, and club bells!

If all that werent enough, and you know it never is with me, The yard is now poised to launch in to the stratosphere! We’re working on t shirts, mostly because I love a good t shirt, and whole slew of this, that, and the other! with all that said, its time to tell you when the next Yard work out will be taking place! None other than this Sunday, I know its mother day, morning, at or about 0830. Bring your Mom for Gods sake! I know your saying, But Walt, my mom will never come to the Yard! She’s like 113 years old! First, did you even ask her? Look, I can’t say for sure but I think the Yard is like that movie Cocoon, where aliens will make her all young again…. Alright, I can’t possibly back up that statement with any kind of real facts. But hey, hope springs eternal right? Plus, I would never let facts get in the way of me talking you in to bringing your fine self to the sweetest workout area ever known to man! EVER KNOWN TO MAN! Well thats not really quantifiable, but you get the drift! This Sunday, 5-12-13, you come out and get your swole on and, you know, Put your name on it! Walt

Thanks ONNIT!!!

Thanks to everyone at Onnit. Here is the gear we picked up last week! All functional strength gear and amazing prices! If you haven’t been to their site or checked out their product line your missing out!!! Aubrey Marcus is a local guy, West Lake High shout out, putting out nothing but good in the world! His podcast, The Warrior Poet Project inspires me and carries supplements, fitness, gear, and a menagerie of cool stuff! Do your self a favor check them out!