Awesome People, Awesome Shops, and Much Love!

It is absolutely no secret that I love to promote any one and their business I believe in, but more especially in those who follow their passion and dreams, and strive to make their mark on their own. That entrepunerial spirit speaks to my very soul. Char and I were down in Port Aransas and Corpus the last few days taking a small but very much needed sabbatical. Something about being near the ocean always sets my soul right, centers me even. And this trip was no different in that way, but this time we seemed to run in to some amazing likeminded people, more in spirit than anything but conversations and connections were made and as always I am grateful for the experiences. Some were sort of old friends, a few new ones, but it’s important to acknowledge those people who enhance your life simply by being them. As with all my reviews, recommendations I do not receive any financial or any other compensation from these folks. Just telling you what I like!

First is Wind and Wave Water Sports Surf Shop in Flower Bluff, Corpus Christi. I stop in here every time I come in to town without exception. Frank the owner, and honestly everyone working there has always been super cool and given me the scoop on the current surf conditions and anything else I needed. If you’re not familiar with Surfing Culture, there is a very clear cut, well defined etiquette. This fact is more so in play because I now use a SUP surf oriented board and as with any tribe, change and differences can create friction. That’s their Break, their home turf and as a visitor especially on Stand Up Paddle Board I am a guest there and the unwritten rules of surfing keep order in the lineup, create a hierarchy, and honestly, safety. There’s no point in getting in to that conversation here but any time I stop in the shop, any questions I have are answered, any help I need is given freely, and always a great laid back vibe! It’s an awesome place and they know the local scene whether its surf, skate, or kayaking, as well as the usual gear and clothing. You know what a sucker I am for gear! Next time you’re in Corpus, stop in and check them out. They also have a Face Book.

wind and wave

And in the spirit of my ocean/ surfing obsession, another shop I stop by without fail is in Port Aransas. The Board House Surf and Skate in Port A is a place that speaks to my soul. It’s old school meets new school in that they sell SUPs as well Surf and Skate gear, along with the usual other surf shop goodies and lines. Like Wind and Wave, the vibe I feel when I walk in is always amazing! Teddy the owner probably couldn’t tell you my name to save his life but he recognizes me the instant I walk in and remembers the board I ride. I’ve been in that shop probably 10 times at most and always the conversation, the vibe, and the shared love of something so much more than a sport, the true lifestyle that is surfing connects us. He lived here in Austin in the 70s and he gets it. If you ever get a chance to check out a book called, Surfing Corpus Christi and Port Aransas, it’s a history of area surfing over the last 50 years, you’ll find pictures of Teddy from back in the day. He’s just an amazingly cool, laid back dude and again as with Wind and Wave everyone at Board House is always, “out of their” way helpful. Both shops are staples for me, and whether you surf or not, they have a lot cool stuff and an even cooler staff. Do yourself a favor next you’re down that way…

board shop teddy

The third place was a new one for us. I saw a flyer at the local coffee shop, which in and of itself is a cool joint but it was in the coffee shop that I saw a flyer for a boutique called Sirena Water Wear and Outfitters, My love of surf wear, retail, and fiddle fucking around before heading to the beach got the better of me and we stopped by. What was interesting about Sirena is that they design, manufacture, and sell their own line of Women’s Board shorts. They carry some men’s clothing as well, but they’ve really found a niche in not carrying the same old fishing gear and really market towards women. Plus, it’s a cool. kitchy boutique with a lot of interesting things. I can say it’s absolutely not the usual Port A fishing outfitter. Why do something that’s done by everyone else. We met one of the owners Tracy and she was open, honest, and genuine about the store, her line, and some of the business decisions she’s made with starting a business fueled on passion, dreams, and an entrepunerial spirit. All the things both Char and I love and respect! In a way this whole Yard thing is like a startup, except I give away my product, but still I market it like one. I brand it like one, and it’s fueled with passion and love just like a startup. For me it’s all the more reason you should stop in to Sirena next time you head down to Port A! What was even more interesting is the sense of community down in that area. I saw Sirena shirts for sale at Board House, and Frank at Wind and Wave will tell you how to find Dock Side Surf Shop just across the way. Hell, he’s surfed with Tippy who owns Dock Side. And if you ever meet Tippy, you’ll know her right away. She knows her shit and doesn’t take any either, but that’s another post.

The sense of community down there, the ocean, the locals, the wind, sand, and surf all call to me pretty much daily. I would be lying if I said I didn’t check the Swell Report everyday just to see. But those folks down there, gracious, laid back, and just plain cool, always treat me as though I live there. And for that kindness that they absolutely do not owe me, but give so freely, I, at the very least can tell the millions of people who read my writings, well, we all know it’s about three on a good day, but none the less, to tell anyone who will listen to support good, cool folks, just doing their thing, and trying to make a living doing what they love. I can think of nothing more amazing or satisfying than combining your passion and a job! That’s a solid definition of happiness. Walt



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