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The ADHD ramblings of ol’ Salty Walty calling you all to “Put your Name on it!”

March 18, Monday

You know what time it is hoss and hosses! The Yard email is back! Short and sweet cause calls need a runnin, and grammer is on the back burner! Tomorrow morning, it’s going down at the place you all love to love, The Yard! 0830ish barring any beatings laid upon me from M28 tonight! I see you Theresa Peery, no call, no show, no good missy! We’re building a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude! Everybody come out and join the fiasco that is the Yard. But like all fiascos, it’s fun. I won’t go on and on about how the yard links us all together in an invisible energy field, or how I correlate it to Quantum entanglement, no sir! You just know it feels good, you look good, and we all get on our high horse of camaraderie together! You, yeah, you! Come on out and get your proverbial swerve, swagger, or groove on! Summers coming! You know it! We all wanna strut our stuff, high steppin our fine selves down to Florida like Travis Tritt! It starts at the Yard! Everyone wants to be buff, nobody wants to slang these heavy kettle bells! Yeah! Slang! Save your, “you might be a redneck jokes”, Foxworthy’s net worth is 55 million. See you tomorrow yard Warrior nation. Be there or be obtuse! Come out and put your name on it!  Walt