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Ketosis is your friend, Well if you’re interested in being bad ass anyway!

On the nutrition front, I have been getting a lot of requests for some of the books I have referenced of late on diet and nutrition. I hate calling it a diet, it’s simply how I eat and fuel my body for optimal performance. As with all things I certainly have not reinvented the wheel, and it’s a very safe bet that if an only slightly more evolved primate such as me has figured something out, then good lord! You can certainly do it!

I stay fairly Paleo, or as Dave Asprey, the Bullet Proof Exec would say, Paleo 2.0, but I am really more using a Ketogenic diet, high fat, moderate protein, low carb.

One of the books I reference is a new one from Jimmy Moore and Eric Westman MD, called Keto Clarity and it’s an awesome breakdown of the Ketogenic diet as lifestyle with science, recipes, and shopping lists. It’s one of the most comprehensive books on the subject.

But for me even more intriguing is some of the articles Ben Greenfield has authored. He’s done the Kona Ironman Triathlon completely ketogenic as a professional triathlete. But first, this article about the Zen of customizing your own nutrition will get you on the right track. So the following articles are links to both Podcasts and show notes, along with some articles. It’s interesting to note that the Dept. of Defense is directing a tremendous amount of research of Ketosis especially for all Special Operations units because of the increased mental clarity over long periods of peak capacity mental and physical work load, and the performance markers in their fitness.

This link is the show notes to the Ben Greenfield Podcast where he interviews a researcher working with the military.

Here is a little more background on the Ketogenic diet.

This link is a very short, bulletpoints type article on Ketosis.

So there you have it! Some fun reading if you’re interested in performing better, increasing mental clarity, increasing performance, and feeling better. W

The Mecca of Coffee places in Austin! Picnik!

Look, its no secret I’ve been yammering about Butter and MCT oil in your coffee for atleast 2 years now! Why? Because it makes you feel fantastic! It feeds your brain! Increases Mitochondrial production and capacity! And, oh yeah helps you lose weight! And for the last year or so I’ve complained about no coffee places in Austin selling BulletProof Coffee. How wrong I was! On South Lamar in front of Yoga Yoga, just past Oltorf, and of course in the 04, is a little metal connex housing the Mecca of BulletProof Coffee houses and Paleo treats! Picnik, which truth be told Shoeless Sean Norton told me about, and is an awesome place!

I stopped by there for the first time on Wednesday and I was blown away. Naomi Seifter co-owner and GM was there and of course we started talking about all things BulletProof, Paleo, and butter! She’s a super cool chick and like minded people! The prices are comparable to Starbucks, only Naomi is peddling health, happiness, and mycotoxin free coffee instead of corporate coffee.

As always, I dont make any money, get anything free, or get any kick back on any of my recommendations I make. Honestly, I wouldnt want her to even spot me a coffee, because I want to support local amazing people who are helping build this community. Whether you know it or not, there is a paradigm shift in the works as you read this! A shift in health, a shift in attitude, and a shift in thought process. We are moving away from the zero sum game, away from an ideology of scarceness and selfishness, and in to an place of abundance! People are waking up, and god damn it I get excited when they do! Places like Picnik are on the cutting edge! And its local! You can get an awesome snack, an incredible shake, and an amazing cup of coffee all made with love and incredibly good stuff for you! Check it out whenever you have a chance! The address is 1700 S. Lamar #400B, its out front so you cant miss it! And take my advice, try the Yeti shake! Good God!


Wondering about nutrition, supplements and the like?

Here are some of the sites I get a lot of my information on nutrition and supplements. Soon I’ll be going in to more detail on my diet and nutrition hits and misses. But, for now, here are some sites with huge amounts of information. is Dave Asprey’s site and blog. This guy is cutting edge! He’s a BioHacker, and radical thinker who backs up his ideas with real data. He also has a podcast available on Stitcher and itunes. Both are free apps. supplements and fitness gear. Locally owned and operated. Aubrey Marcus started this company. He grew up here in Austin. He also has a podcast, The Warrior Poet Project and blog of the same name. If you live here in Austin don’t pay shipping, go by and pick it up. Onnit also carries Dave Asprey’s BulletProof Coffee. The folks there are very helpful and always cool as the other side of the pillow! Tim Ferriss has written several books, The 4 Hour Body, and The 4 Hour Chef are both incredible and the 4 Hour Chef  will also show you how to learn faster. for sports supplements and reviews. An awesome resource