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Check out The Pirate Life Podcast with Tait Fletcher!

If you have a little time and you’re looking for a new Podcast to listen to, you need to check out Tait Fletchers, The Pirate Life Podcast! Its available on itunes and Stitcher. Tait is a pretty interesting character, but what gets me is his message of positivity.

His most recent one with a guy named Lorenzo Hernandez is just another example of truly good people putting good and positive vibes in to the world. I won’t spoil the episode for you but, Lorenzo went to Prison for a while, just recently out, but while inside started three different Crossfit Programs at the three different prisons. He had done Crossfit before leaving for prison and had a solid base knowledge, and with that, while on the Yards in prison he began doing the exercises and WODs he knew. As I’m sure you can imagine prison is old school and Crossfit hadn’t reached the yards yet. He was doing Crossfit to be in shape, but even more for the mental aspects of just training. Exercise really is amazing therapy and I imagine a survival tool inside.

It’s a pretty powerful story. More than anything Tait’s and Lorenzo’s overall philosophy of putting good in the world, and wanting to help people even in the shittiest of situations is pretty remarkable. Especially given that Lorenzo went to prison and persevered in an environment that is not conducive to positive growth. That’s fucking character! Not just character, fucking character! And to leave something a little better than you found it, speaks to a man’s strength of spirit and heart. There are a lot of ways to go wrong in this world, especially inside our prison system. Huge respect to Lorenzo and anyone who weathers that storm and helps other along the way.

Tait is an interesting guy, not to mention a glorious beard and stache, check out his website, He has also has a coffee company he’s recently started, Caveman Coffee. Check it out if you have a chance. And yes he endorses the butter and MCT oil in it. He has some awesome kettle bell coffee mugs that are simply badass!

As always I don’t get any money for anything I talk about here, and I only speak of companies and products I truly believe in. They just always tend to be companies that are doing it right! And Tait isn’t trying to sell you anything on his podcast. He mentions his sponsors, none of which are even in our state, although he does give a shout out to Austin in this particular episode. He’s peddling positivity. Look we all know I have these positive vibes, hippy BS rants on here, well maybe more of a crossfit, ninja hippy. Anyway, check the podcast, you absolutely won’t be disappointed. And don’t forget to check the schedule for the Yard and Crossfit 1602! Come out and put your name on it! I hope to see you there. Walt

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As anyone who knows me will tell you. I love podcasts! They have made my drive, any drive more than tolerable, but I now look forward to any drive anywhere, just to listen. Here’s a list of podcasts that I subscribe to on Stitcher radio, a free app for iphone and android with thousands of podcasts for free! You download this app and put these podcasts in your ear holes. Right now! Chop chop! W

The Warrior Poet Podcast  –   Aubrey Marcus talks to different people and discusses experiences and the Warrior path in life

the Joe Rogan Experience –  Joe Rogan has organic conversations with people from all backgrounds, comedians, writers, fighters, and who ever he finds interesting

the Drunken Taoist  – Daniele Bolleli author, martial artist, and philosophy professor discusses everything!

the Bulletproof podcast    Dave Asprey interviews other life hackers, doctors, and scientists to bio hack your life

insideBJJ podcast  –    Ah my passion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Tim Freeman and Ernest Mello and Mat Freeman talk about BJJ and interview BJJ practioners.

openmat radio podcast-   another BJJ podcast, great interviews with tons of BJJ in sight.

Mohr stories with Jay Mohr – Jay Mohr, amazing comedian, actor, and podcaster, interviews celebs, musicans, writers, and comedians. Always funny

The Crab Feast with Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson-   This podcast is brilliant! Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson talk to other comedians and tell stories about their lives.

Eddie Bravo Radio – Founder of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, musician,  Machado Black Belt and BJJ visionary, Eddie Bravo interviews different people and blows my mind!

Common Sense with Dan Carlin – Author and political analyst does something unusual in politics, is honest!

London Real with Bryan Rose- Interviews with all kinds of different people from absolutely all walks of life.

The church of whats happening now with Joey CoCo Diaz – Mad Flava himself, Joey Diaz is a comedian that tells it like it is. I love this guy!

Ari Shaffirs Skeptic tank- Very funny comedian who sits and talks to different people on one subject each show!