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The AHA and USDA are super excited to help you achieve Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Stroke!

The AHA would like to cordially invite you to enjoy diabetes, Heart Disease, and Stroke along with obesity and poor cognition! Click the link where they will inform you to follow the USDA’s recommendations of a High Carb, low fat, diet. I mean sure there are over 20 studies that show how bad the standard recommended USDA diet is, but look the USDA has got a lot of grain to sell you and especially the rest of the world! The USDA does not take kindly to anyone getting in the way of them making money, or surreptitiously making the US population over weight and unhealthy! And what would the AHA do if less people needed the services of Western Medicine and Cardio vascular disease and hypertension/ stroke! Look there’s a lot of money in keeping a population fat, sick and tired! Just ask the Pharmaceutical industry! They make A LOT of money on your poor health! Also the makers of the oral diabetes medications Avandia and Actos are super excited to bring you increased risk of MI and even better thiazolidinediones (TZD).

How could it get better! I mean for drug companies! Need more? Pa Pow!

This is a wind fall for the Yard! Just think of how much money we are going to make on the USDA and AHA helping to making people sick and fat!? Wait! We don’t charge anything! Damn it! How am I going to get rich if I don’t charge people to help them with all their health issues? I obviously don’t understand how this works. Any who, there’s more!

How about a high fat, low carb diet?

But if you really want to be blown away, this link will give you some information that will absolutely blow your mind. It’s called, What are we putting in our food that is making us fat?

So you take a look at decide for yourself. Walt

Some July Dates

Check the calendar. There’s some new dates for Central. Nothing for 1602 for July at this time. Ross is doing Track stuff with his girls. I’m working on getting a Level 1 coach in there to fill in for a bit. I’ll shoot out an email as soon as I know something. Walt

Hey that High Fat Diet tastes good!

Well it’s no secret that I’m a fan of a High Fat diet. The science and the amazing amount of research being done not only proving the High Fat diet efficacy over that of the USDA funded abomination of the Standard American Low Fat, High Carb diet that is currently producing more diabetics, complete with end points of MI and Stroke, oh and Alzheimer’s, and early onset Dementia but people on High fat diets routinely perform better on cognition tests. Here’s a link to an article on Ben Greenfield Fitness.

New news and new friends!

New friends and new News! First off I met a super cool chick who has a really awesome blog on Health and being Vegetarian! It’s no secret that I’m more Pale centric and ketogenic, but I’m also all about people getting happier, healthier, and fit. I don’t care which tribe you subscribe to, as long as you’re feeling better and the food you eat is more important than you could ever realize! And like so many including Finch will tell you, you can’t out work a poor diet!

The girls name is Brittany; she actually lives down in Houston. Her blog is pretty awesome! A lot of good information and recipes, but the most awesome thing is she is about balance and being happy, healthy and enjoying life, not being a slave to a diet. I talked to her for about 20 minutes and instantly liked her! Plus her friends, they’re all here in Austin for a bachelorette party, were also very cool! None of them from here in Austin, they just dig the town and came out! Kismet I tell you! I find more and more that being open to possibilities is bringing more amazing, cool people in to my life. Check out her blog! The web add. Is and well worth a look! That’s her below and a bio I cut and pasted. Check her out!


After receiving a Masters in Social Work and becoming certified as a Holistic Health Coach I wanted to take my passion for nutrition and healthy eating to the next level. When the boyfriend got transferred to London for work it became the perfect opportunity to go back to school for Nutrition. Join me as I eat and cook my way through this year in Europe, with not enough kitchen space, makeshift tools and a healthful approach.


Guess who was at the Yard when you were not!?




Aw Yeah! Newly graduated Amy Dang breaking it out at the Yard, aka Crossfit1602. Throwin tires for the first time! Swinging cannonballs like a wild child, and inverting on the rings! if you wanna do the WOD she did, here it is!
50 battle ropes
30 Kettle bell Squats
10 Box Jumps
2 x 10 1 Arm Kettle bell swings
10 Kettle Bell swings
3 Tire throws
10 reverse ring push ups
50 Sit ups
She Rx’d it in 7 min 48 sec
Bam! Amy’s crushing it! She invited two other class mates but they bailed! Amy stood fast! I see big things for this girl! She’s making friends at 17! Whats stopping you? Be like Amy! Put your name on it!