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Latest Yard info!

Well the latest this week, July 15-19, is we may not be able to Yard it up for the next several days secondary to weather.  One of the unfortunate side effects of working out outside. I’ll upcdate the site as the weather changes. The other good news though is in the you asked for it now you’re gonna get it department. Myself, Ryan Jameson, and Brad Lines are working on a Yard North! Thats right! Hopefully soon, and again more details are coming. As soon as the details get a little more solidified I’ll put out the info. Two places to put your name on it! Sweet lord!!!

Yard this week!

So this week, I’m working some day shifts, so in my stead, the one, the only, the mighty Janelle Heavy Hands Boone, aka J Beezy will be puttin on the Yard Work for all interested in elevating them selves to the lofty goal of fitness, and more inportantly the sweet burn of physical work that reminds you, you are alive! Sart times are the usual, 0830 there or abouts, and you know all too well the place in question. Weds and Thurs. Come get you some! Put your name on it. Walt