First Class with Brooke at 1602!

Tuesday is the big day! The one and only Brooke McGuire, yeah you probably don’t know her, is starting to coach at 1602 this week! Tuesday, 1000 at 1602, and again on Friday! This will be her consistent schedule unless otherwise noted here or on the face book she’s starting for 1602.

This will bring some much needed consistency to our project. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to have the luxury of that with the Yard Central but hope springs eternal. Central will start up again here soon; I’ve been working a lot lately so it has been more miss than hit lately. It looks like Weds morning I will be able to do a Central, I’ll put it on the calendar, and we have some new equipment so the usual time of 0830 for that.

As soon as the face book is up and running I’ll post more info and links. Till then I’ll see you Weds at Central with me and/ or Tues at 1602 with Brooke. Put your name on it. Walt

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