Frequently Asked Questions

Ah, the frequently asked questions page. The following questions are the ones I have gotten the most and appear below in order of the frequency in which they are asked. If you don’t find an answer to your question below, simply email me and I will get you an answer as quickly as possible. Walt

Why are your emails/ posts so long, and they do not make sense?

The emails are the essence of the Yard. They’re fun, silly and make sense if you take the time to read them. I emphasize read, because most people simply skim, and while that is absolutely appropriate for most 11th grade reading assignments you had back in the day, it is a terrible practice and you will miss the point of the Yard experience which is get fit, have fun, be a part of something that will enhance your life for free, and tell you the who, what, when, and where of Yard goings on.

What kind of workout is it? Is it like Crossfit?

The standard work out we do is 20, 1 minute rounds, with a 30 second rest period, You go as hard or as easy as you like, for as many rounds as you like. We then do Mits, which is boxing basics. I wear a belly pad so you can punch all you want. These rounds are 1 minute, with 30 second rest, and are great cardio. You do not need to know how to punch. I’ll show you the basics. Its more about the cardio of the exorcise than the technique, unless you actually want to learn the sweet science of boxing, in which case I can work mitts on that level with you as well.  It is not Cross fit. You come do your thing in a highly positive atmosphere.

But I’m out of shape; will the work out kill me?

All levels of fitness are welcome. You set the pace of intensity for yourself. There are so many people there, at all levels of fitness; you will have no problem fitting in! It’s actually the point of the way I set up the work outs. All functional strength exorcises, all in the HIT thought process. HIT is high intensity training. Burning more fat, increasing V02 max at a quicker pace than long slow cardio.

Is there child care?

No. It’s an EMS station. It’s not a gym, but it is a crew’s home away from home. Be respectful of the crews’ station and stuff. Treat it as though you would if you were on duty.

Why Rescue 17?

17 is a central location. Lots of parking in back, preferably at Deep Eddy pool, or down the street in front. The parking lot is a great size and is right next to Town Lake, Deep Eddy pool, and quick access to Mopac.

What days are you doing the Yard?

Right now it varies with the schedule I’m on. If you are an ATCEMS employee you can go there anytime and use the equipment. Soon I will have the calendar on this site working and you will be able to see at a glance when the Yard is in full effect.

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