Guess who was at the Yard when you were not!?




Aw Yeah! Newly graduated Amy Dang breaking it out at the Yard, aka Crossfit1602. Throwin tires for the first time! Swinging cannonballs like a wild child, and inverting on the rings! if you wanna do the WOD she did, here it is!
50 battle ropes
30 Kettle bell Squats
10 Box Jumps
2 x 10 1 Arm Kettle bell swings
10 Kettle Bell swings
3 Tire throws
10 reverse ring push ups
50 Sit ups
She Rx’d it in 7 min 48 sec
Bam! Amy’s crushing it! She invited two other class mates but they bailed! Amy stood fast! I see big things for this girl! She’s making friends at 17! Whats stopping you? Be like Amy! Put your name on it!

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