Hey Walt, how’s your little war going?

If you would have asked me this past Monday how The Yard was doing, I would have said, not very good. We’ve been ebbing and waning for a while and it gets hard to hodge podge things. Interest had seemed to dissipate with HQ and a proposal I turned in about a month ago seemed to be dead in the water. Whenever anything grows, momentum has to be kept at the very least to a minimum to continue. I thought that perhaps this grandiose idea I had, and make no mistake, grandiose is understatement as to what my ultimate goal is, was on its last legs, at least as far as The Yard was concerned.

That was before I met with Teresa Gardner, curator of my Yard dreams, Tuesday afternoon! We met because I had emailed her basically stating the above, and that I felt The Yard was on its way towards a dismal destiny. It’s always the strangest thing to me how a little communication and some positive momentum can be just the shot in the arm I need to get me going again. What’s even stranger though is the news she brought concerning our Yard endeavor. Strange because, until that moment I thought maybe all this positive, passionate, energy I have put in to this Yard thing had amounted to little more than a failed start up. If you don’t know me, or you’re not one of the mighty 3 or 4 people who read my rants, then maybe you don’t know but I am a hopeless romantic, a modern day Holden Caulfield even. I have this ridiculous idea that if I can somehow make the right impassioned plea, show all the facts, and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that whatever it is I’m trying to do is the right thing, people will buy in! I actually believe I could quite possibly, if all the stars align, and why wouldn’t they right, that I can change the world! See! I told you, grandiose! I truly believe I can shift the current paradigm of thought towards health and wellness of the prehospital provider, not only here, but throughout the entire industry! Crazy right? If you’re going to dream, why not dream big?! And like all hopeless romantics, I long, I ache for that good fight! You know the one. The righteous one where you’re the underdog and against all odds you somehow prevail and win the day! God, I love that narrative! In fact, as far back as I can remember people have underestimated me, and conversely, I have overestimated them. With a little age on me now I have a better balance on perspective, but goddamn I do love being underestimated! Strange I know, but like I said, I love being the underdog! It just somehow makes victory so much sweeter! There’s something to be said for the conviction of what you know in your heart is the right thing to do. To take the stand against the machine, the grind, the powers that be, or at least the ones that seek to stifle what’s right, is the sweetest of endeavors! Now, be assured this is not to say I’ve won the war. But I will, I know that. But I have won a small battle and after all isn’t that how guerrilla warfare works? A series of small victories and you eventually drain your opponents will to fight and ultimately to win. A war of attrition is my strong suit baby! My wheel house if you will. My mom gave me a copy of Miamoto Musashi’s, A Book of Five Rings, when I was twelve. It’s a classic book on strategy. I still have that tattered copy I carried all those years, through the Army, on every deployment, and everywhere I’ve been since.

So what did Teresa tell me to entail this particular rant? The Yard is not only alive, but doing well! So the news is The Mobile Yard has been approved! We start buying equipment for it in the next week or so. The delivery of the model is still being figured out, but pretty soon either myself, Ross, or Anessa will be driving to you at your station, and give you a tennis ball! C’mon, I get one right!? No sir, we will be coming to you if you so request, and set everything up, and all you gotta do is workout, get fit, and look marvelous! Now, before you start shit bagging the idea and start with the, I don’t want to have to work out if I don’t want to, let me assure you I am not in the business of making you do anything! No one on this planet is more laissez-faire than me! But I do know sooner or later you’ll come around. Also if that weren’t enough, The Yard South will be the newest satellite Yard! That’s right, expansion baby! Robert Acox, has been at me to join this war I’ve started on for a while. He’ll be specking out a list of equipment for the new spot. The tentative location pending approval is Medic 28, the Dove! It will be a smaller Yard with a few things that are all storable and easily put away. Calm down, the crews won’t be disturbed. What’s next? We are working on a Moodle site so you can log in to see when classes are and sign up. This will integrate in to the City PE site thing where you can earn ADL time for showing up to work out. Chris Marks, I believe it was, asked for me to build a bench so he could sit and watch us work out while eating In and Out Burgers! I’m still working on getting the permits from the city to build the bench but at the very least I will probably be able to get a chair or a wheel chair maybe. Sort of a harbinger of things to come! I have always been a fan of irony anyway. With all that, there are a few other things I can’t really talk about now because they’re still too much in the planning stages, but the bottom line is this, I’m going to change this department. I’m going to begin the change in thinking in how EMS as an industry does things. I’m going to change how you view your own health and wellness. I’m not going to wait on committees or study groups or analysis paralysis to dissuade me from my end goal. I have six years left here, and in EMS for that matter, and in that time I am going to start a revolution. Hell, it’s already started, and it’s only growing. With each little victory we collect, with each inch of ground we gain, we get stronger! Mentally, physically, spiritually, and most importantly tribally, because I know when you find a group of people whose goal is to make you better, to support you, and to fight the good fight right next to you, to the end, we all win! We are going to export this idea to our collective colleagues everywhere! In fact, I’m going to turn our band of mercenaries in to a well-oiled fighting machine of change, of positivity, of gratitude, and of change agents. And just as soon as you’re ready to join the fight with us, give me a call! Sooner or later you will. Maybe it will be after that long shift, and you wish you just knew what you could do to make your sleep better, or to not feel so run down all the time, or how to lose that weight you’ve been trying to lose for so long, or even how to learn faster and retain more information, or how to perform better. All things I would love to tell you about whenever you’re ready. Trust me I haven’t reinvented the wheel. I just turned on my brain because I got really tired of always feeling shitty! So there you have it. I’m just waiting on your fine ass to join this revolution! So whenever you’re ready, come out and put your name on it with us! Walt

3 thoughts on “Hey Walt, how’s your little war going?”

  1. There’s a small but dedicated group of us still throwing kettle bells and pumping out air squats up here at Crossfit 1602. It’s such an awesome resource. RossFit Bumpus provides the instruction and motivation and I, for one, am very appreciative. Thanks for continuing to fight the good fight!

  2. I’m looking forward to the Southside addition. I live near New Braunfels and avoid traveling north of the river at all costs during rush hour. Tho I haven’t put my name on the wall yet, I notice AND appreciate all of your enthusiasm. Your a good man! Your on the right path with your goal! Keep it up!!!!

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