Huge Thanks to Airrosti Buda

I apologize that’s it been a while since I’ve been able to post my various ramblings. If you have known me for longer than a minute or two then you know that I have a serious issue with my L4, L5 vertebrae in my lower back. It flares up occasionally as it did a couple of weeks ago, and I tried a new treatment that was amazing!

I initially injured it, of course Power Lifting, like 20 some years ago, and it’s strange how I can lift heavy weight, do jiu jitsu, and a lot of other movements specifically because I am so cognizant of my back. And then I’m picking up a plate or a small lap desk weighing a whopping pound or less probably, in an odd position and WHAM! That little pain shoots across my lower back and down my leg.

This time however I tried a new approach on the advice of Paul Alvarez, Shoeless Sean Norton, Ross Bumpus, Walt Finch and Liz Yankiver. I finally went to Airrosti . If you’re not familiar, and you have an injury, especially a sport related one; you should already have an appointment! They are seriously that good! On Paul and Sean’s advice I went to the Buda location and saw Dr. Jones. The amazing thing, and very rare in all Western Medicine really, is that they want to fix you and have you back at it as quickly as possible! Unlike pretty much every other chiropractor, and doctor for that matter, they are much more interested in cure than simply billing for treatment!

Dr. Jones and his assistant, Dayna Lowke, an Airrosti Recovery Specialist, are simply awesome! So much so that I would and could, if they let me, hang out there all day and talk about training, injury, rehab, and all things fitness. Fortunately for them, I cannot. I’m a chit chatter if you don’t know and if it’s a subject that speaks to my passion, then it’s gonna be a conversation. Three visits and done! My Injury or re injury actually, was incredible! Dr. Jones Stand Up Paddle Boards so obviously I was stoked about that! Dayna is a Crossfitter, and was a Gymnast so I had a million questions, and began picking her brain for mobility and stretching exercises, not only for my injury, but for my Jiu Jitsu and flexibility! She turned me on to some great new ideas and stretches and was always very sweet in indulging my ramblings and millions of questions.

More than anything, Dr. Jones and Dayna get it! They understand the athletic mindset, and they want to get you back to a high degree of mobility as quickly as possible! Their patient care, demeanor, and treatment are in my estimation absolutely the highest caliber. That’s saying a great deal from me. My primary care doc probably dreads me coming in asking for this test and that test, and not only NOT following the generally accepted health guidelines that are making Americans fat, sick, and tired, but doing pretty much the opposite and being healthier than ever. But that’s a soap box for another time.

If you have any kind of muscular skeletal injury do yourself a favor and go see Dr. Jones and Dayna at Airrosti in Buda. They take our City of Austin Insurance as well. There are I believe, two other locations in Austin, but the Buda office was so highly recommended, that’s where I went. I’m still trying to figure out a way to go hang out and learn more from them without having to just make up injuries, but I’ll figure out something! Hope to see you at a Yard soon, but till then put your name on it. Walt

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