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Well, it’s time for updates for all things Yardish! Some good, some weird, some we’ll see type stuff, and a whole lot perseverance. So first, and awesomest, tentatively we will have a new Level 1 Crossfit Instructor on the same days every week. Cody Larsen, new hire, cadet, and all around cool cat introduced me to his girlfriend, one Bad Ass Brooke McGuire, who happens to be a L1 coach with no CF Box to work at right now. Obviously, I began recruiting her to train folks here. And yes I waited till the end to tell her she is volunteering her time, and not only is there no money involved, it will actually cost her money to train people here. But, I offered some incentives that I can afford personally and I will keep telling her how she is doing a charitable thing. You know how it works. I’m meeting with her tomorrow to get an idea of what her schedule is, and how often she can coach, but most importantly it will be a consistent schedule.

I’ve come to realize that I may be the one funding, operating, and investing in this Yard endeavor but that’s how it started, and if even one person shows up, I will keep grinding. I always say Paul Alvarez is my favorite Don Quixote. Buts let’s be honest, I have all my own windmills to tilt at. This brings me to my second plan/ hair brain idea. My house is on the market, but hopefully, once it sells, and I have a little extra cash and I’m going to be buying some more equipment.

There are those times when I consider just letting this project go, but then someone tells me how it helped them, or how they lost weight, or how something I said, or wrote, or did inspired them, and my heart, my soul, and my motivation soar! Then there are those times when I ask and get no’s or worse no feedback at all, and I just dig my heels in a little deeper, strength my resolve a little more, and drive on. I’ve said it here before. Success is measured by the magnitude of the beneficial footprint you leave on the people around you. And it’s no secret that I’m terrible at only caring a little.

Yesterday I got to run pt for the new cadets at the academy. I got to go straight to the source and catch them before they become jaded. I told them, what it took me a long time to understand. This job, this system is a meat grinder and it will wear you down, but you don’t have to let it. I then led the pt that should be run, pt that builds capacity, but doesn’t create an energy drain that keeps you from being able to function throughout the day. It was hard work, high energy, and most importantly, it was a positive environment. After the pt was done, one of the captains asked me how it went. I told them everyone seemed to really like it; in fact I had a lot of interest in the Yard, and personal training. The captain told me I must have not worked them out hard enough. That’s an interesting viewpoint. One I could never subscribe to. I know a secret though. If I empower you, show you that you are capable of doing more than you ever imagined, and not only tell you I’m in your corner, but back that up with action, then I know you will achieve your goals. I know you will perform, and I know you will produce. If I don’t buy in to you, how could I ever have the audacity to ask you to buy in to me?!

So to summarize, new CF instructor added as long as I can keep talking her in to it, hopefully some more equipment coming, more Gracie Garage coming, as soon as I buy the mats that are required to make the application official, till the house sells, we’ll operate on a shoe string budget though. And I’ll keep working to make this project a viable solution to help the field provider mitigate health and wellness issues. There is a Yard Central tomorrow with me, the Sweet Pea himself, I’m coming from 26 though, so it may be starting closer to 9a. Hope to see you there! I’ll keep putting my name on it, I hope you’ll join me! W

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