Leaders lead!

Leaders lead don’t they!? More of a statement than a question really.  And while I’m a bit late with my hyping of the about to be mentioned event, better late than never. Last week, Ross badass Bumpus had an awesome turn out at the Yard North/ Crossfit1602. Word has it that everyone who showed kicked the proverbial ass! Check the pic! But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that one Fitzy Fitzpatrick came out to 26 last week and not only worked out, in uniform, with boots! But did the following WOD.

50 Kettle Bell Squats

25 full thrusters

25 bench press

25 jumps over the bench

50 sit ups

25 pull ups, from the steel beam rafters upstairs!

All for time.

Fitz Rx’d, as prescribed, in 14:00 minutes flat

So again I say leaders lead! There’s no other way to say it other than it takes balls to train with your troops. To put away your ego and hammer out a no bull shit work out, in uniform no less to me is a leader! People like Janelle, Alvarez, and Fitz who take that time to invest in not only themselves and their own fitness journey, but to forge bonds with people who work under them, and know that the respect they cache with each rep, each drop of sweat, each ounce of determination they hammer out the workout with, is worth more than its weight in gold! Fitness is about self-mastery and discipline. It takes an authentic person to train with those they serve with. Mark Divine, former Seal Team commander, who wrote Unbeatable Mind and SealFit, and who also runs the SealFit academy puts it better than I ever could. “Only when all three, thoughts, words, and deeds are aligned are we authentic as humans. Our relationships are largely defined by this practice. If we lack authenticity, then it is reflected in our relationships as diminished trust. Leadership is really about authenticity, rather than a host of tactics. If you’re not authentic, no matter how talented you are, you will not gain the trust of your team”. There it is. I could not have stated it any better. Roger Patterson who was SO6 called me at 26 today and asked what time we were working out. Though he couldn’t make it due to call volume, the fix is already in. Leaders lead! Roger knows this. Ask him some time about his Dad. And you’ll understand why Roger will be one of the good ones.

Is not about how fast, or how strong, or how far, or any of the competitive bull shit of fitness. It’s about pushing one another to be better, no matter where you start or finish. It’s about wanting someone else to succeed in their goals before you do. That’s selfless leadership. That builds character and it builds better human beings. I look forward to seeing you all out there some time or another. And I know eventually you’ll show up. You know what they say, curiosity kills the cat, but satisfaction brings it back. I turn 49 years old in about 3 weeks, almost a half century, and I’m just getting started. Whenever you’re ready, Ross Bumpus, Walt Finch, Craig Smith, Anessa Meadows, Brad Lines, Ryan Jameson, and of course me, we’re all waiting to give you whatever it is you need to take those first steps. All you gotta do is just hint at wanting to get your groove on and I’ll be there! And you will, sooner or later. You will! Till then, put your name on it! WaltIMG_1364 IMG_1363


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