Lessons learned, articles written, resolve tested, and frustration felt.

If you count the cost of something you are doing out of love, or passion, or out of some duty to a greater good that you shouldered as your cause, your crusade, or your purpose, then it’s very likely you would never start something great in the first place. Counting the cost will always stop you. I don’t count the cost of this Yard project. On occasion, and more so recently that cost was and is painfully obvious, but still I cannot count it. If I did, I would quit. So I don’t…I’m not the smartest. I am not the best. I am not the fastest in any anything. But what I do have is an unyielding, unrelenting, tenacious, ridiculous, sickening work ethic when it comes to something or someone I am passionate about! I do whatever it is that I need to do to provide some kind of resource for health, wellness, and fitness for pre hospital providers. I don’t count the cost. I write as many posts as it takes. I coach as many Yards as it takes. I do as many reps, as many 4am workouts, as many emails, as many unanswered questions, as many impassioned pleas, as many overtime hours as it takes to make this project work! Why? Because I care! Because no one else is doing it! No one else looks at what we’ve done and sees the cost! They don’t see that we have to beg, borrow, and steal to get any equipment. They don’t see that AFD and APD have huge fitness budgets! Especially AFD, not to mention AFD management has huge buy in to health, wellness, and fitness for their people! We have me! Did it sting to see Fire on the cover of Austin Fit, to see we were last in the article, to see that there was no mention that everything we’ve accomplished is only because we, the field staff just did it ourselves? Yeah, it stung. Do I begrudge Fire? Absolutely not! Am I envious of the support they get, not to mention the coverage? Absolutely! Unfortunately in EMS we are just as culpable for not getting our message out as those who overlook us. No one else is doing what we’re doing! No one else is trying to accomplish what we are trying to accomplish, and no else is doing it for free! Because it needs to be done! So, yeah it stung a little. But I don’t count the cost. I keep moving forward! I keep grinding! I keep putting in the work! Relentless forward momentum! I wish I had said it, but I didn’t, but I tell myself daily, “Champions keep going when they have nothing left in the tank! When they’ve spent their last dime, when they feel like they have nothing left, they find a way out of no way!” I will find a way, I will keep going, support or no support, I will continue to fight for this cause, because as is evidenced by the indifference I have met so far, I am the one who cares! So no matter how many new PIO positions are created or how many new CHP positions are created, no matter how many more reassignments to do anything else other than taking care of the people who actually do the work for the citizens we serve are created, and no matter how many of my peers indifference towards their own health and wellness I encounter, I will keep doing what it is I do! I will keep going until I cannot go any more. I will keep grinding, and hammering, and working. And if you sit by, and you watch someone else doing the work, and you see them putting in the blood, the sweat, the tears, and massive amounts of energy, and all they’re trying to do is something to make yours and their life better, and you continue to let them carry that load and offer no help for whatever reason, then that’s more a reflection of your work ethic, your character, and your inability to action! You see the slogan Facta Non Verba at both Yards, it means actions, not words. You can tell me you appreciate, you can tell me you’ll do this, that, or the other thing, when and if you have time, or you can tell me and yourself it’s just not your responsibility, you can say a lot of things, but until you show me action, until you get in the trench with me! I’d rather you just sit and watch. Maybe you always have one foot out the door. Maybe you tell yourself I can’t do this or that or make a difference because I gotta conserve my energy, I gotta make sure I’m not giving too much to anyone other than me, or maybe you simply don’t care. Whatever your reasons, living the zero sum life, meaning that your only concern, your only motivation is you, is living a small life. You can tell me, “but Walt, you don’t understand.” Someone once said, “When you say, But, you are arguing for your limitations, and when you argue for your limitations, you get to keep them! And anyway, actions always speak louder than words! Till next time, put your name on it! I do! Walt




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