Lets explore inner space!

For any of you who have heard my rant/ sales pitch on finding consciousness, I know it sounds like filthy hippy BS by the way, you know I’m a fan of Floating. I know you’re asking what is Floating? And before you dismiss it completely, hear me out. Floating is where you float in an isolation tank, also called a sensory deprivation tank, completely enclosed in about 12 inches of water containing around 800lbs of Epsom salts. You are completely buoyant and it’s honestly like floating in outer space. First off calm down, if you get claustrophobic you simply open the hatch door! But let me tell you, once you simply settle in and try to relax, because you will try and thus will very likely not be able to, it is amazing once you simply float. It’s actually much more difficult to do than you might think. Ask Janelle Boone, Char Smith, or even Bo Gillespie. All have floated recently.

It’s an incredible way to just relax. But what’s even more fun is that you can go deep in to yourself. Sure that’s sounds scary! Why delve in to those creepy secret places your ego protects you from? Always easier to ignore being alone in your head to sort things out, right? Plus you’re entirely too busy with life and the grind to take a look in the mental mirror, right? The nice thing about floating is you can simply relax and not think at all, or you can go deep, and I mean deep in to your consciousness. To go that deep though, to make it more like a bit of a psychedelic experience, it takes work. And the fact is, the first time you’ll probably just figure out how to let go about the time the hour is up. But when you do, when you just be, it’s a sensation of relaxation unlike any other! When you come out of the tank you feel incredible! You feel reenergized! It’s truly amazing!

So where is this Float tank you ask? The only one in Austin is Zen Blend, down south off slaughter. I believe someone’s building another float place off Manchaca, but the price list I saw on their web site wasn’t cost effective in my opinion, but its set up more like the Float Labs in other parts of the country where there are several tanks and I believe that’s their main service.  I’ve been to Zen Blend and floated several times and they also offer massage and the like. It’s a spa owned and run locally by a really cool couple. You can go to www.zenblend.com for info.

If you dare though, I will tell you what I do when I float to get in to the deep theta brain wave state, like meditation. It’s easy for some, difficult for others, but I’ve somewhat streamlined my process to get there quickly. What I do takes a bit of prep work but very worth it. First, I take them every day, but I take several Nootropics, that is over the counter supplements for my brain. Onnit carries Alpha Brain and you can also see the ingredients on their web site. I take Huperzine A, Vinpocetine, and Piracetam, as well as L tyrosine. All have a positive cognitive effect on memory, focus, and learning. And Huperzine A can also help facilitate lucid dreaming. I have a Life Proof cover on my iPhone, with the swimming earphone attachment and water proof head phones. There are a couple of apps I have from Bonzai Labs, one called Altered States that plays neural tones and white noise to produce the theta waves in your precious noggin. Last time I went using this protocol I literally blasted off to inner space. It was incredible!

Whether you go and just relax or use it to empower your brain and general state of consciousness, it’s well worth the time and effort. Check it out. Zen Blend also has a package deal for couples where you can float and get a massage. It’s all on their web site. There’s also a book called The Book of Floating, Exploring the Private Sea, available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. It explains the history and  specifics on floating and how to make the experience better. If you try it, I’d love to hear what you thought about the experience! Walt

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