Life, death, tattoos, and love!

This is the time of year I absolutely love. Just after Christmas and right before New Year. Since I was a kid and my parents would have friends and family over on New Year’s Eve, and one of the things they would do is pass out little note books to write down your New Year’s Resolutions. And while the all the usual goals get written, then forgotten two weeks later, that little ritual has stuck with me.

Every year around this time I get excited, for a couple of reasons. I love beginnings, and even more than that I love reinvention. Over the last, say thirty years of my life, the correspondence of the new year, my birthday just after, and the Chinese New Year in either late January, early February, gets me nothing short of excited. While this year is not different, I find myself looking more and more in to what truly inspires and motivates me.

Thinking about that aspect really brought some interesting things to light in my mind, and my sincerest hope is that they may resonate with you as well. Is the end point to get you to the Yard? Well, sort of, but more actually my greatest desire is much grander, and much more ambitious! I want to be the catalyst that flips that switch in your head that suddenly lets you realize you are capable of so much more in life. That you should be playing to win instead of playing to not lose! But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Recently I’ve tried to start every day with an appreciation of what I’m grateful for in my life, and it’s a little more difficult than you might imagine. After a couple of days you start to run through the ordinary bullshit we all feel we should be grateful for and you either start rewording the same old stuff, or you start to realize what is truly important. The following will be the latter.

Trinkle has been on my mind a lot of late. Not only because of the anniversary of his passing, or the whole Crossfit1602 in his honor, but more so how much now, more than ever, he inspires people in the most interesting, wonderful ways. To be frank how he died is of no consequence to me, but how that man lived was fucking beautiful! How he has inspired people, touched lives, and changed mind sets, is so incredibly beautiful that were I not to acknowledge it, I would be losing an opportunity to do what is one of the sweetest things on this earth, acknowledge something beautiful, pure, and precious, done only for love. However this transcends those of us who work here, and knew Randy. My girlfriend Char, whom a lot of you know, recently did something that while for her was a sentimental thing, came from a place of the sweetest love one person can have for others. Her father passed away a while back and though that is difficult in and of itself, she and her brother weathered that storm as well as one can  expect. I met Mick Sr. or Big Mick as he was called just once, and this was after some very difficult medical issues that truly took their toll, but it was more what he conveyed than anything he said, which was very little. From the moment I met him I knew a few things to be true about this man. He loved his family, his kids, Char and her brother, Little Mick, but more than that you could see a man who didn’t have anything handed to him in life. All that he had, he paid for with his heart and soul and I venture to guess he wouldn’t take a dime in this world for the wages of his life. He wore his pride, his heart, his pain, and his love on his face and in his eyes. When I met him, he was a man of few words, but his eyes, his stature, and his body of work on this planet spoke volumes for the man he was, and still is, in memory today. Like Randy, I won’t tell you how he died, but I will tell you how he lived, and the legacy he left behind. A couple of days ago, Char and her brother went to our tattoo guy, and they both had a tattoo done in memory of their father. He loved to fish, and he had a certain place that spoke to his heart, one of those places that somehow connects to ones soul. Significance is everything, more especially in tattooing. They both put the lat/ long coordinate of their father’s favorite fishing spot on their left arm, his casting arm. And while you may think, that’s nice; it’s so much deeper than that. To live a life that inspires that kind of love and respect is beyond my ability to convey on paper. It’s something you have to feel, and it is only felt through the conduit of love. Just ask the majority of Spec Ops. How many of us have Trinkle tattoos? A lot and they are, each one a symbol, of love, respect, and remembrance of a GOOD man. And in that same vain, Big Mick gave something to this world in two beautiful, good, and loving people who carry on his torch of giving more to this world than they receive. I feel honored and humbled to know both of them, to have met their father, and to know their mom, and be loved in kind. I look at the people around me who inspire me and I am thankful for knowing them, and I draw strength from those relationships. And I could only hope to live a life that might inspire someone to put a permanent reminder of my time on this mortal coil on their body. But that’s the rub, if that’s your intention, then it will never happen. Love, respect, and remembrance come only from living life to the fullest, and giving to this world more than you could ever hope to receive. Men like Big Mick and Trinkle, are around. Take a moment to think of who in your life is that person and tell them how much they’re appreciated, but more importantly, show them. Words without action are useless.

And that brings me to the point. The New Year is upon us, 2014, the year of the Wood Horse in Chinese astrology. New beginnings, new ideas, new you! Reinvention is amazing because you get decide who you want to be! What you want to be! Just dream it up, and then do it! What’s stopping you? Well, besides all the bull shit excuses you tell yourself that is. And yeah, we both know they’re bull shit! But you have a secret weapon! ME! That’s right. Guess who wants you to succeed even more than you do?! Yeah, me! Why? Let’s be honest, you don’t have the time or patience for the answer, and honestly I’m surprised you’ve read this far. Plus, I’m a talker and it’ll sound like crazy hippy bullshit. But this year, this year is gonna be the start of something amazing and my catalyst for change is the Yard/ Crossfit1602. This year we’re expanding in to nutrition, supplements, training programs, and anything else we wanna do, because we can, and we should, and more importantly it’s needed! Do I want to sell you something? You bet your sweet ass I do! You! I want to sell you to YOU! I want to empower you! I don’t want your money, I don’t want to be your personal trainer, but I do want to show you that you can do anything you want! You just gotta set your intention! Sure it sounds hokey, no one is more aware of that than me, but who gives a shit! I don’t! It could sound like the craziest idea ever, but that’s never stopped me before! We’re doing big things, and there’s only more on the horizon.

So there it is! If you want, this year is yours for the taking, yours for the molding of your new self! I turn 49 in a couple of weeks! I have no intention of getting old, weak, feeble, disinterested, and immobile! My intent is to be the healthiest, happiest, most centered cat you or I know! I plan on doing all the shit I’m doing now in 20 to 30 years when I’m 70 or 80 still stepping on the mat for Jiu Jitsu and paddling out to a righteous surf break, and doing a crossfit WOD! That’s the legacy I want to leave, not how I may die, but how I lived! Those types of legacy don’t wait to be written once you do this, that, or the other! It’s a body of work man! It’s every day waking up and choosing life over excuses, doing over accepting, and challenging life’s bullshit! A man stands, a slave obeys! So what I say is this! Join me, and Craig, and Ross, and Anessa, Ryan, Brad, Walt and Jamie Finch, at a place where mediocrity is no longer welcome! You are cordially invited to a community where easy is no longer sufficient! Where your blood, your sweat, and your pain, is celebrated as weakness leaving your body, and personal strength and the belief of possibility take its place! Come out, join us, and do something loving for you! Train like a gladiator, and most importantly Put Your Name On It!  Walt





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