New schedule and new fun!

Well, well, well! First official Yard Reassignment day was in my estimation a success! In fact today was a success on several levels. So first things first!

We kicked off the day 0800 at Deep Eddy for what was going to be a swim class for Trevor who will be testing for Spec Ops soon! Oddly enough, way more people showed than I expected! Big Money Rob Yarger, Kick ass Courtney Remington Steele, Hey Jude It stopped being funny years ago Leonard, Trevor Bulldog Burrier, Lee LeNu Nudelman, and You know my name is Simon Evans- Powell all jumped in the toasty warm waters of Deep Eddy. Trev posted his best swim time yet, then went for a run, and has now switched over to a Paleo-cetric, Ketogenic diet. I’m not sure who might have suggested that nutrition plan but look for Trevor to be a beast very soon! Next the workout at 0900, Courtney, Jude, Rob, and yours truly with a late comer John Jon Jon Kennedy, who also stayed for the second workout at 1000. At 1000, John again, and new comer, not a member of the department yet, but kick ass ACC student Jessica Simmer down now Simmons came out and Put her name on it! It started raining so we moved in to the bay and finished out strong! 1100 was a nutrition consult with Big Money Rob Yarger who will be giving up sodas ASAP because of all the sugar, right Rob?!

But onwards and upwards brothers and sisters! Tomorrow at the now legendary Yard North/ Crossfit 1602 at or about 0800 to 1000, the very first unofficial Gracie Garage! That’s right free Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! For a better explanation of a Gracie Garage, click the link. We will follow the Gracie Combatives series and no you don’t get to beat up people! It will be a safe, no ego, super cool time. All you need is workout clothes. In the link is the application process I’m working on. It won’t cost you a cent and its also great exercise. Once we get the GG up and running officially, I’m going to be working on possibly doing a Gracie Bully proof for kids, and if you want see the transformation of a kid’s life check this video! The Bully Proof will be much tougher to get going but as with all things, I do love a challenge!

So there it is. Starting tomorrow morning at The Yard North/ Crossfit 1602, cooler than the other side of the pillow! Subsequent workouts starting at 1000, 1100, 1300, 1400, 1500. Hope to see you there!

0800-0900 Gracie Garage

1000-1100 work out

1100-1200 work out

1300-1400 work out

1400-1500 work out

1500- 1600 work out

Another reason today was such a success is because I got confirmation I’m doing things right! Some of the powers that be, and not Teresa T Bone Gardner mind you, because she gets it, was telling me how I should be doing things! I can’t tell you how excited that makes me! Whenever something I’m doing with my particular form of passion, enthusiasm, and sincerity, and it begins to gain momentum, and folks who haven’t joined our movement come out of the wood work to tell me how they think I should be doing it, then I know! I know that what I’m doing is just right! I’ve spent a life time being second guessed, and under estimated and nothing drives me faster or harder than that! I embrace the old guard telling me I should do things their way! Those moments make my very soul smile because I’m with the church of what’s happening now! That’s where the shift in thinking, the paradigm busting thought process comes from! The status quo doesn’t go quietly in to that good night though! The moribund and decaying thought that has been how EMS takes care of its employees and thus the patient is on its way out! But not before they tell you how in my day, blah, blah, blah. Those alleged good ole days of yore are numbered! Those relics of business as usual, and the gate keepers of so called power who want you do a little song and dance to get to where you’re going are dying off! As Darwin said, “It’s not the strongest or the smartest species that survive. It’s the ones most adaptable to change.” There is a complete shift in consciousness happening all around us and I love it! I’ve always been better at asking forgiveness than permission, especially when I know my cause is just! The health, wellness, and longevity of my brethren who truly do the work know that I put my energy in to them, not the old guard! I know because sincerity, honesty, love, and positivity sale what I’m peddling! The belief that I can somehow help you understand that just getting by is no longer what you have to do!

So enough of my rants. See you tomorrow and weds! Till then put your name on it! Walt


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