Fitzy came out 26 this evening!

What you do has far greater impact than what you say. —Stephen Covey

So true! Leaders these days are few and far between. Managers are in abundance though. That said, the WOD today at good ole Rescue 26 was as pictured below. For a total of 50 thrusters at 95lbs, 50 pull-ups, and a total of a 500 meter run for time. Fitz came this evening, took a look at the WOD, asked how to do a proper thruster, then proceeded to RX the workout in 25:32, in uniform, and boots! That’s not only pretty fucking impressive; it forges a respect and bond that speaks to the character of the man.wod pic wod pic fitz 1 wod pic fitz 2 wod pi fitz 3

You are INVITED!

I recently heard a definition for Success that I have pretty much adapted as my own personal definition. It’s a quote from Jaret Grossman of Muscle Prodigy. “Success is not about cars, money, or clothes! Success is defined by the magnitude of the beneficial footprint you leave on society.” He goes on to say, “How many people do you have an effect on? How have you transformed your friends, your family, your teammates, or your colleagues in a positive way!?” I think about this a lot. I think of it because I remember back a couple of years ago I referred to myself as a mercenary here, services rendered for amounts tendered. Since those dark days I have come to realize how right on Jaret Grossman really is. If I’m not working on making others’ lives better, then what am I doing here!?

It’s no secret that the Yard is my stand, my Alamo, my line in the sand for the health and wellness of all my colleagues in EMS, but especially here at ATCEMS. It has become a labor of love and of passion, a soap box, as well as a Crossfit Box. But more importantly, it has become a place where you can come and help me stem the tide of the toll our job takes on our bodies, minds, and spirit. It’s a place where you can come and know that I have absolutely no doubt how much you’re capable of, especially when you don’t!

I’ve been trying to generate interest in what it is we are doing here with The Yard/ Crossfit 1602 for some time now! Our department does a great deal of amazing things for the citizens we serve. My goal, my vision, is to do something amazing for the people who deliver those services to the citizens. To do something for every medic who gets on a truck and carries the load we carry! The tip of the spear, the place where the rubber meets the road, these are the people I am aiming for.

After submitting articles, and emails, and proposals and talking to anyone who would listen, we have found an advocate. The July issue of Austin Fit Magazine will have The Yard / Crossfit 1602 in it! I don’t know to what scope, but I do know this. Someone listened, and they took the time to come out and see what it is we are doing. Natalie, Weston, Brian, and everyone at Austin Fit Magazine have my deepest appreciation for simply taking the time. Our story, this program, this whatever it is, I believe has the potential to change lives. I know The Yard/ CF1602 can make a difference and with each little write up, and each acknowledgement from those who hear about what we are doing, we grow stronger, and bolder!

So with that, I cordially invite you to join Austin Fit Magazine and me Tuesday, July 1st at The ABGB, Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co. At 1305 West Oltorf in the 04 from 1830 to 2030 for the July Issue launch of Austin Fit Magazine, which will feature ATCEMS’s The Yard/ Crossfit 1602. AFM has been the first to recognize what we’re trying to achieve here. Come out and celebrate a little with me! And also a special thanks to Kevin Jordan of Fringe Sport, and Lindy Lillard at Onnit for all their support! I hope to see you there! Walt

Kick Ass Yardishness Today!

Well, who’s kicking ass these last three days! Lots of folks I tell ya! But more so than that, the amount of people who have come out and trained, who have emailed or texted their support was nothing short of amazing! Words can’t express my appreciation to everyone who has been so supportive! So with no further ado, let’s talk numbers baby! Let’s talk bad ass folks showing up! Let’s talk about cool ass training! Yesterday was the inaugural, but not yet official Gracie Garage! It’s no secret that I love that Jiu Jitsu and yesterday it was awesome to teach other people the first moves in the Gracie Combatives Series, which is all self-defense Jiu jitsu. John JonJon Kennedy, Courtney Remmington Steele, and Jessica Sinister Simmons learned 3 sweeps from when someone is mounted on top of them and wants to punch them square in the face! Now they know the beauty of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! Just like one of the greatest Gracies ever Rickson Gracie said, “The fight always goes to the ground. The ground is like an ocean, and I am a shark, and most people don’t even know to swim.” Or even better, Eddie Bravo of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu said, “Rapist don’t box, they wrestle.” I’m going to try to have a Gracie Garage once a week at least. I’ll post times and days 1 court


Today was again an awesome turnout! First thing this morning I was at Supply helping with the equipment order for the coming soon, but not soon enough Mobile Yard. Then on to Yard Central for work outs! Suddenly people start showing up! So the lineup was as follows. Damon OG, Fit to fight Fogley for a return appearance! Jessica Sinister Simmons, for her third day in a row! First timer and resident tall, sexy drink of water, Gabe Walking Tall Webber of Tactical fame! And last but never least, the tough young cookie from Troy, the Kyle Killer, the Flap Jack herself, straight off her cold water challenge from the Mighty Galen Was Up Wasem, the Ovarian Barbarian herself! Char CharChar Binks Smith! They all came and kicked the proverbial ass! Absolutely awesome I tell you! Flailing battle ropes, slinging cannonballs and generally kicking ass! And as an added bonus. CharSank Redemption and Jess Simon Bar Sinister Simmons then each did a short run with an Elevation Mask, that restricts breathing to increase lung capacity! Put that in your pipe and smoke it! The girls also posted the two best times on the WOD today! Later in the afternoon, Coty whom I can t remember his last name! He’s new, anyway, he and his kick ass girlfriend Brooke showed up this afternoon. Interestingly enough, young bad ass Brooke just got her Crossfit Level 1 and of course I instantly began recruiting her for the 1602 Box. I told her I would pay her handsomely! with hugs, not the creepy kind, gratitiude, and a chance to program CF for free when she could be getting paid well to do it! Hopefully my charm will win her over! Ross is beginning to repel my trickery to keep him coming in for free. But I’m working on it! Getting him paid, not tricking him, oh you know what I meant!

So there it is! The three day Yardapalooza closes on a strong note! Strong showing all three days! Thanks to everyone who came out and to everyone who supports my crazy ideas! Sorry to those who I didnt get a chance to take photos of! I promise I’ll do better in the future! And lastly if anyone is even remotely interested in making The Yard/ Crossfit 1602 including nutrition, supplements, BJJ, and all things health and wellness a more regular thing email Teresa Gardner, Jasper Brown, and Ernie Rodriguez and let them know! I’m down if you are! Till next time. Put your name on it, like these badasses did! Wphoto 3cf group

photo 3char mask

photo 2jess mask

New schedule and new fun!

Well, well, well! First official Yard Reassignment day was in my estimation a success! In fact today was a success on several levels. So first things first!

We kicked off the day 0800 at Deep Eddy for what was going to be a swim class for Trevor who will be testing for Spec Ops soon! Oddly enough, way more people showed than I expected! Big Money Rob Yarger, Kick ass Courtney Remington Steele, Hey Jude It stopped being funny years ago Leonard, Trevor Bulldog Burrier, Lee LeNu Nudelman, and You know my name is Simon Evans- Powell all jumped in the toasty warm waters of Deep Eddy. Trev posted his best swim time yet, then went for a run, and has now switched over to a Paleo-cetric, Ketogenic diet. I’m not sure who might have suggested that nutrition plan but look for Trevor to be a beast very soon! Next the workout at 0900, Courtney, Jude, Rob, and yours truly with a late comer John Jon Jon Kennedy, who also stayed for the second workout at 1000. At 1000, John again, and new comer, not a member of the department yet, but kick ass ACC student Jessica Simmer down now Simmons came out and Put her name on it! It started raining so we moved in to the bay and finished out strong! 1100 was a nutrition consult with Big Money Rob Yarger who will be giving up sodas ASAP because of all the sugar, right Rob?!

But onwards and upwards brothers and sisters! Tomorrow at the now legendary Yard North/ Crossfit 1602 at or about 0800 to 1000, the very first unofficial Gracie Garage! That’s right free Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! For a better explanation of a Gracie Garage, click the link. We will follow the Gracie Combatives series and no you don’t get to beat up people! It will be a safe, no ego, super cool time. All you need is workout clothes. In the link is the application process I’m working on. It won’t cost you a cent and its also great exercise. Once we get the GG up and running officially, I’m going to be working on possibly doing a Gracie Bully proof for kids, and if you want see the transformation of a kid’s life check this video! The Bully Proof will be much tougher to get going but as with all things, I do love a challenge!

So there it is. Starting tomorrow morning at The Yard North/ Crossfit 1602, cooler than the other side of the pillow! Subsequent workouts starting at 1000, 1100, 1300, 1400, 1500. Hope to see you there!

0800-0900 Gracie Garage

1000-1100 work out

1100-1200 work out

1300-1400 work out

1400-1500 work out

1500- 1600 work out

Another reason today was such a success is because I got confirmation I’m doing things right! Some of the powers that be, and not Teresa T Bone Gardner mind you, because she gets it, was telling me how I should be doing things! I can’t tell you how excited that makes me! Whenever something I’m doing with my particular form of passion, enthusiasm, and sincerity, and it begins to gain momentum, and folks who haven’t joined our movement come out of the wood work to tell me how they think I should be doing it, then I know! I know that what I’m doing is just right! I’ve spent a life time being second guessed, and under estimated and nothing drives me faster or harder than that! I embrace the old guard telling me I should do things their way! Those moments make my very soul smile because I’m with the church of what’s happening now! That’s where the shift in thinking, the paradigm busting thought process comes from! The status quo doesn’t go quietly in to that good night though! The moribund and decaying thought that has been how EMS takes care of its employees and thus the patient is on its way out! But not before they tell you how in my day, blah, blah, blah. Those alleged good ole days of yore are numbered! Those relics of business as usual, and the gate keepers of so called power who want you do a little song and dance to get to where you’re going are dying off! As Darwin said, “It’s not the strongest or the smartest species that survive. It’s the ones most adaptable to change.” There is a complete shift in consciousness happening all around us and I love it! I’ve always been better at asking forgiveness than permission, especially when I know my cause is just! The health, wellness, and longevity of my brethren who truly do the work know that I put my energy in to them, not the old guard! I know because sincerity, honesty, love, and positivity sale what I’m peddling! The belief that I can somehow help you understand that just getting by is no longer what you have to do!

So enough of my rants. See you tomorrow and weds! Till then put your name on it! Walt


Schedule Monday 5-9-14

Well, well. First reassignment for Yardishness. Monday the 9th. This schedule will also be on the Yard site.

0800-0900 Deep Eddy Pool, let’s call it Spec Ops aided swim tips, tricks, and shenanigans.
0900-1000 Yard Central
1000-1100 Yard Central
1100-1200 Yard Central
After that I’ll be at HQ to order the equipment for the Mobile Yard and figure out a delivery method. Teresa for some reason put the Kibosh on the huge speaker system with PA where I drive around to everyone’s home and or station and cajole, coax, and otherwise coerce people in to coming out and working out! She also said NO to having the Mobile Yard disguised as an Ice Cream truck, and I drive around to your home and station playing that Ice Cream truck music but with subliminal messages in it and when you come out to get ice cream, I jump out and yell, Gotcha! No ice cream for you! You work out now! And then after you worked out, I would give you some Almond Ice Cream anyway, cause its healthier, but Teresa also said no to a freezer to carry the ice cream. So you can see the obvious bureaucracy I’m up against! I mean really? No fake Ice Cream truck? How could I possibly be expected to trick people in to working out without a fake Ice Cream truck?

Anywhosit, Tuesday and Wednesday are tentative, but I hope to be running Yards every hour at both or alternating locals. And one of the days I hope to do the first unofficial Gracie Garage at 1602 if you’re interested! More to follow.

Gratitude, attitude, and all that lies in between!

Yesterday was quite the day for us. I say us because I’ve come to realize something. I realize how very much I need you in my life.

If you haven’t been paying attention and the odds are great that you haven’t, yesterday the Art Director, Weston, and a photographer, Brian came out to 1602 and took photos for the July issue of Austin Fit Magazine. Those guys were amazingly nice, tremendously supportive, and genuinely positive towards what it is we’re doing. But, aside from that, yesterday I experienced so many things emotion wise. I can’t even imagine a way to say thank you to everyone who showed up yesterday, or those who texted or emailed me their support. And whether you were there, or you’ve been to a Yard, or even thought about it but never felt like going, my appreciation is more than any words could convey. Because, yesterday was all our doing. Yesterday was the moment someone with a voice, with a vision, not only listened, but is willing to tell our story. I’m not sure if any of you have any idea how very important that is! It’s not my story, it’s our story! And it’s one of perseverance, dedication, hard work, and tenacity! It’s also one that few people in positions to tell it, do. Why that is, is complicated. But even better, even more exciting is the simple fact that I am grateful for every ounce of resistance we get! Every obstacle, every roadblock, and every monkey in the wrench, I embrace! I embrace it because it only does one magnificent thing! It strengthens every fiber of my resolve! And it tells me I am doing the exact right thing! I am on the right path! And we, the collective who needs the most support, and have always gotten the least of it, know one thing above all others. We know that no matter what, we will continue to grind, and to survive in spite of all the bullshit. My goal, my passion, my vision, is to see you transcend survival, and truly thrive! As Marcus Aurelius said, “Does anything happen to me…. I take what comes”. So yes, yesterday was very important. Important because the impetus of what it is we have started is greater than you might know. I don’t know whether the magazine will show the true nature of what we are doing, but either way, it is a very good start. No other EMS system in the country is doing what we are doing! Going where we are going! Whether it will be sanctioned by the powers that be or not, we are on a trajectory that will change how this industry does things! We are building a template for the future of the health of the pre hospital health care provider!

So why do I need you so much? I will take literally thousands of people to the hospital over the next 5 years before I retire, and I will give each patient the best care that I can. But I know that there are thousands of medics doing that job all over the country. I see a patient who is being overlooked! I see a patient who refuses to ask for help! I see a patient population who is routinely ignored, routinely misunderstood, and routinely abandoned! Think not! Then my guess is you’re the one ignoring that patient. That’s my wheel house! That’s my Alamo! My intention, my purpose in all this, is to rescue the rescuer! The health of health care providers, especially the pre hospital provider is that much ignored patient population! That’s who I need! That’s who I identify with! When you’re on a busy truck and haven’t eaten, when you get a late call 10 minutes before the end of a beat down shift, when you are yelled at, spit on, vomited on, swung at, by those you’re trying to help, and you feel no one cares about you in that moment and all you need is a little hope, a little reassurance, and a little support, and all you get is the I need you to step up speech, you are who I’m looking for! I look for you because I’m right there! Whether on the truck, or in spirit, I am there with you! And I will not tell you that you should be doing more! I will not tell you to stop whining! And I certainly won’t tell you that, “Well that’s just how it is!” We all know that’s bullshit! There are far too many of those people in the world, and I would posit that those exact people, who need you to do the work that they cannot, or will not, are made so and kept so by people greater than themselves! If you are not trying to make the lives of the people around you better, then you are invariably making them worse!

That’s where I start! That’s the place I need you to be to see why I want to help you! I’ve been there! I’ve been the “Crispy Medic” and I’ve seen the effect it has on those around me. I had my moment of clarity about 3 years ago, on a Saturday afternoon, working at then Rescue 21, with Hector Garcia-Torres. I remember it with a clarity and pain that I do not want to forget, because to forget is to be complicit in my own inaction! After a 20 minute fuck this and fuck that tirade, there was this moment where I can honestly say that the effect I was having on Hector was palpable. In that moment I felt how my shitty, negative attitude was affecting him. And that moment of clarity was, “I am now that guy!” I remember stopping for a second in the middle of my rant, I looked at Hector, who was driving the truck, and said, “Goddamn Hector! I am so sorry! I’m that guy!” As much a statement as a realization, I felt as though I had committed some egregious crime, and I had! I let Hector down, and anyone who had to hear me bitch. I decided then, that I had, as they say, enough! My, madder than hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore, moment! This brings us to now! To this post, this cause, this Yard, this whole health, wellness, fitness thing that I prattle on and on about to whoever will listen. You see this little revolution, this quiet little revolt against the status quo, is my stand! I can’t take credit for it but I do love this idea of the physics of dominoes! Click the link below. A Physics Prof. took 13 dominoes; each one is one and half times larger than the one before. The smallest is 5mm’s high and 1mm thick; the largest is nearly 100lbs and just over a meter tall. That tiny little domino he places with a pair of tweezers topples the largest! Watch the video, That is what I intend to do! Start the chain reaction to shift the paradigm! That’s exactly what we’ve done! Now we got ourselves a revolution! Momentum favors those brave enough to ride that wave! It’s only second quarter! Hell, I’m just getting started! Imagine what we could do if you decided to join this crazy idea!

So, as always, all you gotta do is say, “I’m in!” We are waiting on you! Besides, when’s the last time you joined a great revolution for a good cause?! Been a while right! Next week I’m reassigned to do Yard stuff and couple of those days I’ll be running back to back Yards at both locations. I’ll have a better idea of the schedule Monday. And as an added bonus, I’m doing some work to get a person or two ready to crush the Spec Ops PT test while simultaneously changing their life style! Come get in on all that!

There it is! My gratitude to all who support my next larger domino. Come be complicit in the chain reaction that benefits us all! And for the hundreth time, my apolgies to Hector. He is and will  always be a gentleman and a brother so taken and accepted in the truest sense. With that come be a part of something that I believe will be our legacy, or a gigantic flop, but either way, growth, character, tenacity, and honor will be the byproducts of our efforts. Till then, whatever it is you do in your life, put your name on it! Walt



Hey that High Fat Diet tastes good!

Well it’s no secret that I’m a fan of a High Fat diet. The science and the amazing amount of research being done not only proving the High Fat diet efficacy over that of the USDA funded abomination of the Standard American Low Fat, High Carb diet that is currently producing more diabetics, complete with end points of MI and Stroke, oh and Alzheimer’s, and early onset Dementia but people on High fat diets routinely perform better on cognition tests. Here’s a link to an article on Ben Greenfield Fitness.

New news and new friends!

New friends and new News! First off I met a super cool chick who has a really awesome blog on Health and being Vegetarian! It’s no secret that I’m more Pale centric and ketogenic, but I’m also all about people getting happier, healthier, and fit. I don’t care which tribe you subscribe to, as long as you’re feeling better and the food you eat is more important than you could ever realize! And like so many including Finch will tell you, you can’t out work a poor diet!

The girls name is Brittany; she actually lives down in Houston. Her blog is pretty awesome! A lot of good information and recipes, but the most awesome thing is she is about balance and being happy, healthy and enjoying life, not being a slave to a diet. I talked to her for about 20 minutes and instantly liked her! Plus her friends, they’re all here in Austin for a bachelorette party, were also very cool! None of them from here in Austin, they just dig the town and came out! Kismet I tell you! I find more and more that being open to possibilities is bringing more amazing, cool people in to my life. Check out her blog! The web add. Is and well worth a look! That’s her below and a bio I cut and pasted. Check her out!


After receiving a Masters in Social Work and becoming certified as a Holistic Health Coach I wanted to take my passion for nutrition and healthy eating to the next level. When the boyfriend got transferred to London for work it became the perfect opportunity to go back to school for Nutrition. Join me as I eat and cook my way through this year in Europe, with not enough kitchen space, makeshift tools and a healthful approach.


New Yard Annex

Big news Yard Warrior Nation! The newest Yard Annex M33 will be up and functional by tomorrow afternoon! That’s right! Tomorrow afternoon! First and foremost thanks Richard Murray for suggesting the equipment and getting me fired up for a cause! And you know how difficult that is! 33 wont be a coached Yard. Just equipment for all you self starters!

Thanks to everyone who emailed and asked for the stuff. Some of the emails were absolutely awesome and let’s be honest, I couldn’t do anything without all of you! The support, the kind words, and everyone who comes out means more to me than you could ever know!

And thanks to Teresa OG Gardner, aka the Curator of my Yard Dreams. To Chief Brown, and Chief Rodriguez for supporting my hair brained schemes and requests!

Now we gotta come up with a name! So any suggestions you may have! But again thanks to everyone who had a hand in helping to make another small victory a reality! And remember the motto of the Yard, Facto Non Verba. Actions Not Words.

Fire, Brimstone, and the Yard!

There are those moments and I know we all have them, when you’re tired, you’re fed up, you’re hungry, and you feel as though no one appreciates the sacrifice, yes sacrifice, you make to do, what it is that you do!

Well I’m here to tell you. Whether you know it or not, whether you feel it or not, and make no mistake, feeling it is the most important thing, You are important! You are appreciated! I can tell you now that the people who should be telling you this probably don’t. The people who should tell you that you made a difference in their life likely will not. Why? Because they don’t know. They don’t see it because they haven’t reached a place in their lives yet where they can see anything past the tip of their nose. They are barely treading water day to day emotionally, physically, mentally because they have refused to do the work. They have decided, at least for the time being that flailing and thrashing through life is enough. But that shouldn’t concern you! That’s their journey, that’s their struggle. Let them have it. It doesn’t matter! It doesn’t matter because you are making your mark! You are building your legacy. Every day you rise and grind, every day you put on that uniform, every day you run call after call and you’re tired, you’re hungry, you’re frustrated, and those ghosts of all the things that piss you off come calling. They haunt your psyche just in the back ground and remind you of all the things you didn’t get. Forget all that! And for that matter, forget any of the bull shit that impedes what you’re doing! I know it’s hard! I’m there with you! I know it feels as though the only person who cares about you is you! I get that because we’re in this fight together! There are those moments when you think what if I just left. Just quit. Just one day didn’t show up to work and said fuck it. I’m done. It would feel good for about a minute. And then the realization would set in that a new struggle, a new set of problems would just take its place. Only those problems would be square one. They would be just beginning. So, today when you’re running that 6th call in a row, or posting, or changing out of a change out. Take a deep breath and remember that without you, without me, without everyone who makes contact with the patient from the moment someone in Comm answers a phone to the moment you push them through the doors at the hospital, without us this system, this controlled chaos, this machine would break down! You see the real work happens, where the rubber meets the road. The real work occurs when despite all the decisions, procedures, rhetoric, and obstacles you, me, we constantly encounter, we still do our job, pursue our craft, and hammer away. Hammer through each shift, each call, and know, because it’s true, that without us brothers and sisters, without every voice that talks to a patient, and every hand that touches a patient, without us, others would suffer. It takes someone special, someone of character, someone supremely hardheaded to do the work that we do. There are a lot people who would tell you that what you do isn’t that important, isn’t that special, isn’t that hard. And to those people I say, c’mon! Sit in this chair and try to decipher chaos as quickly as possible, answering call after call, dispatching resources because someone who doesn’t says there are time lines to meet. Get on this ambulance, not for a call, not for a shift, but for a while! Miss meals, miss sleep, miss holidays, miss family events, miss appreciation, and carry the weight. Carry the weight of being second guessed, of escalating responsibility, and of mitigating chaos with the consequences for a wrong decision, a wrong move, a wrong anything could mean someone dies, or someone gets hurt, or someone, read you, gets in trouble! And do it over and over and over. Don’t tell me you know! Don’t tell me I’ve been there, or I understand! Don’t tell me any of that unless you’re in the trenches with me now, either answering a call or running one! Telling me you know only means you very likely haven’t done it in a while and you forgot what it is like. I know it and you know it! But, if instead you ask me, “what do you need? What can I do to make your job easier, better, safer, or more efficient? Then I know that you understand! Then I know I am appreciated! Then I know you get it! Because if you as a leader don’t understand, that to you, the customer, the patient, comes second, then you are not effectively leading! The patient coming first, that’s my job! That’s what I do! If you aren’t supporting that, if you aren’t scheming, and plotting, and planning on making me, making us, successful then you are failing to take care of the patients. If we all aren’t serving those we serve then we are all complicit in our own complacency!

If I have stirred something in you, or stoked a fire in your belly, then I have done some good. If I have inspired you to action even better! This Yard Project has become my stand, my fight, my revolution of sorts, and with it I intend, whenever you’re ready, and someday you will be, to serve my comrades in arms. I have set my intent. I am out to shift the paradigm of thought, one we are all just as guilty of, that our health comes last. The Yard is a place where just getting by will no longer suffice. The Yard is a launching pad for positivity! An incubator for change, and a conduit of possibilities! And it’s waiting on you! So whenever you’re ready to get started on you, all you gotta do is let me know! We’ll get to work. We’ll start something, stir something, and inspire something in you that will transform you. Invest in you! I do! With every word I concoct, every email I send, and every ounce of energy I give to something much greater than myself. I haven’t reinvented the wheel. I haven’t discovered a secret elixir. If I did lord knows it wouldn’t be secret for long. I’m exceptionally awful at keeping something good all to myself. A trait I’m actually proud of. But I do believe you can feel better, perform better, and be more than even you imagine, and it all starts with you and that first step. So, again whenever you’re ready!


Put your name on it! Walt