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As anyone who knows me will tell you. I love podcasts! They have made my drive, any drive more than tolerable, but I now look forward to any drive anywhere, just to listen. Here’s a list of podcasts that I subscribe to on Stitcher radio, a free app for iphone and android with thousands of podcasts for free! You download this app and put these podcasts in your ear holes. Right now! Chop chop! W

The Warrior Poet Podcast  –   Aubrey Marcus talks to different people and discusses experiences and the Warrior path in life

the Joe Rogan Experience –  Joe Rogan has organic conversations with people from all backgrounds, comedians, writers, fighters, and who ever he finds interesting

the Drunken Taoist  – Daniele Bolleli author, martial artist, and philosophy professor discusses everything!

the Bulletproof podcast    Dave Asprey interviews other life hackers, doctors, and scientists to bio hack your life

insideBJJ podcast  –    Ah my passion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Tim Freeman and Ernest Mello and Mat Freeman talk about BJJ and interview BJJ practioners.

openmat radio podcast-   another BJJ podcast, great interviews with tons of BJJ in sight.

Mohr stories with Jay Mohr – Jay Mohr, amazing comedian, actor, and podcaster, interviews celebs, musicans, writers, and comedians. Always funny

The Crab Feast with Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson-   This podcast is brilliant! Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson talk to other comedians and tell stories about their lives.

Eddie Bravo Radio – Founder of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, musician,  Machado Black Belt and BJJ visionary, Eddie Bravo interviews different people and blows my mind!

Common Sense with Dan Carlin – Author and political analyst does something unusual in politics, is honest!

London Real with Bryan Rose- Interviews with all kinds of different people from absolutely all walks of life.

The church of whats happening now with Joey CoCo Diaz – Mad Flava himself, Joey Diaz is a comedian that tells it like it is. I love this guy!

Ari Shaffirs Skeptic tank- Very funny comedian who sits and talks to different people on one subject each show!

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