Put your name on it!

No one really ever asks me where I got this phrase or why I started using it but I wanted to sling credit where credit is assuredly due! I wish it were mine but its Herm Edwards, NFL coach, analyst, and speaker. If you’re looking for the original version of him saying it you can find it on YouTube by searching Top 10 NFL coaches Rants!

Strangely that’s not where I first heard it. I was listening to comedian Jay Mohr’s podcast, Mohr Stories, and he used the phrase and talked about how much he loved Herm Edwards passion and the point of Edwards’ rant on taking responsibility.

It struck a chord with me when Jay spoke about Edwards’ conviction of putting your name on whatever it is you do. Simple, to the point and no excuses.

Put your name on it! That’s all I ask! Just put your name on it! Be a man! Or woman and put your name on it!