Schedule Monday 5-9-14

Well, well. First reassignment for Yardishness. Monday the 9th. This schedule will also be on the Yard site.

0800-0900 Deep Eddy Pool, let’s call it Spec Ops aided swim tips, tricks, and shenanigans.
0900-1000 Yard Central
1000-1100 Yard Central
1100-1200 Yard Central
After that I’ll be at HQ to order the equipment for the Mobile Yard and figure out a delivery method. Teresa for some reason put the Kibosh on the huge speaker system with PA where I drive around to everyone’s home and or station and cajole, coax, and otherwise coerce people in to coming out and working out! She also said NO to having the Mobile Yard disguised as an Ice Cream truck, and I drive around to your home and station playing that Ice Cream truck music but with subliminal messages in it and when you come out to get ice cream, I jump out and yell, Gotcha! No ice cream for you! You work out now! And then after you worked out, I would give you some Almond Ice Cream anyway, cause its healthier, but Teresa also said no to a freezer to carry the ice cream. So you can see the obvious bureaucracy I’m up against! I mean really? No fake Ice Cream truck? How could I possibly be expected to trick people in to working out without a fake Ice Cream truck?

Anywhosit, Tuesday and Wednesday are tentative, but I hope to be running Yards every hour at both or alternating locals. And one of the days I hope to do the first unofficial Gracie Garage at 1602 if you’re interested! More to follow.

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