Yard days this month!

So, the calendar is still not cooperating with me and obviously it does not know who its dealing with. Or vice versa. At any rate, here is the quick look at the March schedule. It will change a bit since Anessa Mad Dog Meadows is mid bidding and RossFit Bumpus is spring breaking it with his tenacious off spring. I will be back later this month doing Central work outs. Hopefully with some new banners, new ideas, and some new news! I’m working on some yard projects that have become quite the time consumer.

With no further ado, here are the for sure dates with a revised schedule coming after mid bid.

Crossfit 1602, 0830ish with RossFit 3/6, 3/12. 3/18, 3/20, 3/24, 3/26, 3/28 with possibly some more coming.

Yard central is on hold secondary to weather and the mid bid. New dates will be posted by tomorrow evening.

One thought on “Yard days this month!”

  1. As a new cadet here, gotta say I’m looking forward to getting in on some sweat and blood with yall this month.

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